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“I’ve worked with VisionDirect since 1997 for the outsourcing of tax bills and, more recently, notices of assessment. Each year, we mail anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 tax bills and, in addition, this year, we’re getting ready to mail almost 100,000 notices. Doug and his staff are very receptive to our timelines and accommodate anything we ask for. They’ve given us their best year after year.”

Julie Crask, DBA/App Manager
Hamilton County IN
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How to improve your direct mail response by 37%!


Pitney Bowes FlowmasterFX &
Flowmaster 12000XL

Pitney Bowes FPS
Bell & Howell MailStar 500 (3)


Intelligent Inserting


Three keys to direct mail success.

Personalization, customization and timely turnaround are three keys to direct mail success. At VisionDirect, our marketing savvy and technical capabilities provide our clients the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of their direct mail projects - whether they’re mailing 1,000 pieces or 1,000,000.



Pitney Bowes FlowmasterFX, FPS & Flowmaster 12000XL

FlowmasterVisionDirect’s FlowmasterFX intelligent inserter is state-of-the-art direct mail technology. Perfect for folding and inserting multi-page statements, the FlowmasterFX can handle 10,000 letter insertions per hour. VisionDirect’s Flowmaster 12000XL also provides intelligent inserting capabilities.

  • 6 integrated feeders with selective inserting. Send different items to different customers without separate runs.
  • Capable of processing #7 through 10”x13” envelopes.
  • Insert anywhere from 1 to 10 pages.
  • Capable of handling enclosure sizes ranging from business cards to 10”x13”.
  • Perfect for inserting CDs and unusually shaped items.
  • Fault detection avoids misfeed and double feed mistakes.
  • Inline metering capabilities.


Bell & Howell MailStar 500 (3)

The Bell & Howell MailStar 500 swing-arm intelligent inserter has long been a standard in the direct mail industry. Equipped with 3 inserters each, VisionDirect’s 3 Mailstars, working simultaneously, can handle 18,000 insertions in just one hour.

  • Capable of processing up to 6” X 9” envelopes.
  • Up to 6 pockets for selective inserting.
  • Reads, accumulates, folds and inserts letter-sized and legal-sized documents.
  • Inline metering capabilities

Mail Star

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