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“I’ve worked with VisionDirect since 1997 for the outsourcing of tax bills and, more recently, notices of assessment. Each year, we mail anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 tax bills and, in addition, this year, we’re getting ready to mail almost 100,000 notices. Doug and his staff are very receptive to our timelines and accommodate anything we ask for. They’ve given us their best year after year.”

Julie Crask, DBA/App Manager
Hamilton County IN
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With VisionDirect’s database management tools, fundraising and event planning are as easy as riding a bike.


For almost 20 years, VisionDirect has specialized in producing effective direct mail campaigns for a wide range of clients. While other marketers have ventured into e-commerce and catalogs, while other printers have added commercial services, VisionDirect focuses on direct mail. Why? Because we want to be the best provider of direct mail services.”




Three keys to direct mail success.

Personalization, customization and timely turnaround are three keys to direct mail success. At VisionDirect, our marketing savvy and technical capabilities provide our clients the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of their direct mail projects - whether they’re mailing 1,000 pieces or 1,000,000.



Direct mail is:

  • Targeted. It allows you to focus on your specific audience, directing your campaign to the market you want to reach.
  • Personal. Direct mail can address customers by name. You can craft messages that are tailored for them, addressing their needs and appealing to their interests.
  • Flexible. Direct mail can be sent in a variety of formats, including letters, postcards, or brochures. You can be creative with colors and graphics, and even offer a free sample of your product.
  • Tangible. Customers can hold your direct mail, referring to your message as often as needed. Include coupons or samples in your direct mail to help encourage customer response.
  • Measurable. The results of your Direct mail campaign can be tracked by counting the responses or inquiries it generates. You’ll know what worked and adjust your plans accordingly.
  • Cost effective. A Direct mail campaign makes your advertising dollars go further, because your targeted message goes directly to the people you want to reach.

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