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“Often, we have to get a mailing out to thousands of our members with very short notice. When we face such a task, we count on VisionDirect. Doug Switzer and his staff have always responded to our needs with quick, efficient and reliable service.”

Andrew Stoner, Marketing Communications Director
M-Plan, The Healthcare Group
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How old are your current and prospective customer lists? How recently were your lists merged and purged? Have your addresses been cross-checked against the U.S. Post Office as valid points for mail delivery? Has your database been scrubbed for misspellings or address mistakes?




UPS Resources

Look here to see the latest USPS requirements on NCOA & Move Up date



A “dirty” database means lost mail and lost revenue. One simple example: a customer list where the name or address for one household is entered differently several times. What happens? Instead of connecting with your customer, you inundate them – and possibly alienate them. Repeat addresses also increase printing costs, processing costs, postage, and return mail costs.

Before your direct mail goes to press, we make sure your mailing data has been properly optimized.

List Services

You can have great copy. You can have great graphics. You can have a great offer. But without a good mailing list, your direct mail campaign will fail.

That’s why you can mail identical packages to two lists and find that one list pulls 10 times more responses than the other. Your mailing list, after all, is not just a way to reach your market. It is your market.

VisionDirect can help you identify the best list to maximize your efforts.

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